Monday, June 15, 2009

Crashing for Jesus

Well it has been way to long since I have written on this blog. I decided to update what has been going on in my life. It seems like goes along like normal and then something out of the ordinary happens. That is what the title of this blog comes from.
A couple of weeks ago, I was driving in the city running some errands. It was one of those days that there were traffic jams everywhere. As I was backing out on to the street into traffic I had one of my friends stopping cars and watching for me so I would not hit something. I was watching a bus that I was with in inches of when I felt the bump. I did it, without any warning (where my friend was not I am not sure, and why the girl in the car did not at least honk when she saw I was going to crash into her car; you can see I had ownership issues with this crash. ha ha). We all got out and began the negotiations. She suggested I pay money, immediately I saw dollar signs. I protested suggesting we go to the repair shop together to get an estimate. She had no time at the moment, nor did I so I suggested that she call me and I would meet her at her leisure. She immediately thought of lies and never seeing me again. My friend assured her we were Christians and I would give right numbers and would meet her. She wanted to call the police, at which I could see would take an incredible amount of time for very small damage, I begged her not to. I barely broke her bumper. As I wrote down my number she tells my friends she would settle for 30,000 tugriks. I did not hear this, I would have jumped at it. It sounds like a lot but in reality it is just over $20. She reluctantly took my number and I drove away. Later that day she called and wanted to meet me at a repair shop. On the way to the repair shop the Lord reminded me that I did not take responsibility for the wreck. I did not ask forgiveness for my wrong. To my amazement the estimate was 30,000 tugricks. I was relieved that all my grocery money would not be spent on car repair. I gladly paid her the money and insisted she take another 5,000 for her time and trouble since it was my fault. I apologized for my wrong in the situation. She was amazed and did not want to take the extra money but reluctantly did. Two days later I realized I had a missed call from her number. I thought "oh my, what is it now?" I did not call her back, I figured that if she really wanted me she would call me again. A couple of days later I received a message from her. She said that I had made quite an impression on her and she wanted to meet together and talk. She is a singer and she wanted to give me one of her CD's. I am planning to meet up with her again. As I told our staff about this message, they were sure God was leading me into a new ministry "crashing people for Jesus". Bob did not bear witness with this new ministry and has tried to discourage me strongly. ha ha You really never know how the impact of our daily lives has on others.
I am glad that others can see the difference Jesus makes in my life!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas or New Year's

We have come to that time of the year where an end is coming and there is the hope for new beginnings in a New Year. It is a time of celebrating what has happened and to look ahead to what will be. As we walk our streets we see decorations coming out to celebrate this hope. Some people will even stop and begin to make a plan of how they will improve their lives during the coming year. The celebration on New Years’ eve will be great, many will spend much on the clothes they will wear and the food and drink they will consume with their friends that night. But in the days that follow the decorations will come down and life will go back to what it was, no real change happens. That is the difference between Christmas and New Years.
Christmas is certainly a time of celebration. Decorations are put out, special times together are planned and yes there are thoughts of the future. Those plans for the future do not depend on my ability to change though; they depend on the essence of Christmas. The essence of Christmas is Jesus. It is all about the incarnation of Jesus. What I mean is, Christmas is a time that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who as God preexisted eternally and took on the form of man. He had a miraculous virgin birth in the city of Bethlehem. The purpose of His life, which was to bring mankind into relationship with God through the forgiveness of sins, was all prophesied thousands of years before. Jesus was like no other person who has ever lived on this earth, He is God’s son. That is why Christmas is different from New Years. Jesus came and now we can have forgiveness of our sins because He lived here, gave His life as a ransom and rose from the dead. Through a relationship with Jesus we do look to the future. He has promised to come again and when he returns this time it will not be in the form of a baby but as the victorious King of kings and Lord of lords who will take His people to the place He has prepared for them to live for eternity. That is why Christmas is greater than any New Year celebration. Jesus came so that we could not only have hope for a New Year but hope in each day and for eternity. We now can celebrate everyday, giving gifts of love to each other because God has loved us and given to us the greatest gift, His only Son, Jesus.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days? I don't mean one of THOSE days, but one of those days that the unexpected happens. This week I had one of those days. I met a friend that is working in a restricted access country. As this friend shared about their life in that place the last few years and opportunities for ministry my own heart was challenged in such a great way. As the story was shared how their roommate was martyered and the physical challenges that are daily struggles, I found myself comfortable instead of on the cutting edge. The part that really got to me was at the end as an appeal was made for those who would be willing to join in this work. Who would be willing to go and give their life, who would anwser God's call to love these people? The really amazing part was as I watched a room full of students praying asking God to send them to the difficult places. Truly God's love is perfected in our lives through our weaknesses that are surrendered to His amazing will. I am so thankful for His body that brings spiritual refreshment and clarity. I am glad I got to have one of those unexpected days!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Blog- not to many new thoughts

This is my first blog. I am not quiet sure what to write. I am not very inspired just now. I really have been pushed to do this so that I can comment on my niece Denae Hutson's blog A Page is Turned. If you have not seen it you should, there are the best pictures anywhere of the